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Documentation of a learning disability is required if a student would like to have academic accommodations provided. BHSN policy is based on recommendations of the The Department of Education.  Students with learning disabilities face difficulties not experienced by their classmates. Some modifications are possible to help students with documented disabilities to have equal access to the program.  These accommodations do not change the nature or content of a course.

Please read your most current Student Handbook regarding the standards and policy regarding academic accommodations.  All students requesting accommodations must submit current documentation (within 3 years of program start) to the Coordinator of Counseling and Student Services. All documentation must be received by the school within 30 days after the most current evaluation.  Students must also schedule a meeting with the Coordinator to review the documentation and the necessary accommodations.

Student will not be granted accommodations in the classroom unless they have followed the procedure outlined in the student handbook.  Students will be responsible for providing a copy of the signed, completed BHSN Accommodation Request Form to the Team Leader in each course.

Testing must be administered by a professional diagnostician trained in the assessment of learning disorders.  An individual education plan (IEP) alone is insufficient.  The report must include date (s) of the diagnostic interview and administration of tests.