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BHSN has a collegiate affiliation with Fisher College to conduct a cooperative two year day and four year weekend/evening nursing program. The program awards students a diploma in nursing from BHSN and an Associate in Science degree from Fisher College. Graduates are eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for registered nurses. 

When you think about earning a Diploma in Nursing from Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital School of Nursing, your mind automatically focuses on nursing theory classes and clinical experiences. But did you know that to earn your diploma, you must complete 11 academic classes? For more than 20 years, Fisher College has provided the academic classes that you need – right here at BHSN. The BHSN site is exclusively for students enrolled in the nursing program.

Your Fisher College classes are carefully structured to help you in your nursing career. We do not consider the academic classes “prerequisites” or classes “to get out of the way”. The faculties of both BHSN and Fisher College realize that you cannot be a good nurse if you do not know how the body functions, or how to prevent infection, or how to communicate effectively and work with others cooperatively.

The science courses have been written specifically for nursing students. The classes serve as the framework on which you will build your nursing knowledge.  The general studies classes stress critical thinking skills important in nursing practice.

In addition to earning the Diploma in Nursing, some students may be eligible to earn an Associate in Science in General Studies degree from Fisher College.

What Determines my Eligibility to earn the Fisher College Degree?

Other roles that Fisher College plays at BHSN:

    • Responsible for the nursing and academic book sales through our Virtual Bookstore.
    • Offer Student Health Insurance provided by Harvard Pilgrim Health and administered through United Healthcare.
    • Provide math and reading & writing summer workshops for students who may need review in these areas. If you have been out of school for some time or have struggled with these subjects in the past or just need a boost in confidence before you begin your nursing studies, these workshops are held 2 evenings each week during the Freshman Orientation program.
    • All Fisher College classes are supported by Blackboard – a computer-based learning management system. All academic class documents and grades are available online through Blackboard.

Once you have begun your studies at BHSN Fisher College offers:

    • Anatomy and Physiology and Pharmacology workshops.
    • Faculty tutors in reading and writing skills, anatomy and physiology, Each instructor is available 2 hours per week.
    • Peer Tutoring program – upperclassmen are available to help you with academic questions/study skills. Each student tutors 4 hours per week.
    • All workshops and tutoring are free of charge to the student.

Questions? Contact:

Carol Wilcox, Program Director
Fisher College at Signature Healthcare
Brockton Hospital School of Nursing