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Application Procedure and Check List

Complete and submit the online application form along with a $50 non-refundable application fee.  A completed application is required for review by the Admissions, Retention and Scholarship Committee.  An incomplete application will NOT be reviewed.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all required application documentation is submitted.  To be considered complete, an application must be filled out fully and contain the following:

  • Required Essay
  • Official High School transcripts – applicants must graduate from an accredited high school with at least 2.5 overall Grade Point Average (GPA) and must rank in the upper 1/3 of their graduating class.  Proof of a High School Equivalency certificate (GED) will be accepted in lieu of a high school diploma.  An official copy of the equivalency certificate with scores is required as well as the candidates official high school transcripts.
  • S.A.T./MCAS scores, not required of applicants who graduated from high school 5 or more years prior to their planned entrance date.  Applicants who graduate from High School less than 5 years are required to submit S.A.T scores.   For applicants graduating from a public Massachusetts high school 2003 or later, official notification of passing the MCAS examination must also be sent by the applicant.
  • Official college transcripts if applicable. Must be received in a sealed envelope.
  • Algebra and Biology with B or above, from high school or college.  If the applicant has not earned a B in Biology but has passed the Biology course and has taken a college level life science course, earning a B, the Biology prerequisite will be met.  For example, the applicant earned a B in Introductory Algebra, a C- in Biology but completed college Anatomy and Physiology I with a B, this will satisfy the Biology and Algebra prerequisite.  If the applicant has taken biology and has failed the biology course and have passed A&P I with a B, the biology prerequisite has not been satisfied.
  • Official TOEFL Results – required if an applicant did not complete high school (grades 9-12) in the United States of America, practice tests available at, our school code is #3112. Current Licensed Practical Nurses are exempt.
  • A Permanent Resident must submit a copy of a Resident Alien Registration Card along with the application.
  • Letters of Recommendation, not required but suggested.
  • Required of LPN applicants – copy of LPN current license. LPN applicants must be in good standing with the Massachusetts Board of Registration for Nursing.


Please Note:  As a one time courtesy, the BHSN Admissions Office will notify applicants of missing information via the email address provided on the submitted application.  It is the applicants responsibility to ensure that all required documentation is provided to the BHSN Admissions Office by the Application Deadline.   Applicants will also be notified via email when and if their applicant status has changed to “Committee Ready”, meaning their application package is complete and waiting for review by the Admission, Retention and Scholarship Committee for possible acceptance.  

Please wait to be contacted via email by the Admissions Office.  Due to the high volume of applications received, you may expect to receive an email from the Admissions Office within 2 weeks of submitting your application.

Refusal of Admission

Applicants may be refused admission when:

  • They do not meet the standards prescribed for any admission category
  • They submit transcripts or records found to be fraudulent