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Licensed Practical Nurse Educational Mobility

LPN Applicants to BHSN

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) may advance place at the time of their acceptance to BHSN.  LPNs who have graduated from an approved LPN school and have passed the State Boards will automatically advance place into NU 102 or NU 2102A, Family Health, bypassing NU 101, NU 1101A/B, Nursing Fundamentals.

LPNs may choose to take a challenge exam for NU 102/ NU 2102A/B, Family Health.  The challenge exam includes both theory and medication/math components.  The request to take the Advanced Placement Challenge Exam must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office 30 days prior to the start of the LPN’s fall semester of their freshman year.  All preparatory materials may be obtained from the Registrar’s office.  Challenge exam fees of $300 are payable to BHSN prior to sitting for the exam.

Prior to enrolling in any nursing course, all LPNs must participate in a Transition Into Nursing courses that includes, but is not limited to, topics such as Roy’s adaptation model, professional nursing, nursing process, physical assessment, fluid and electrolyte balance, intravenous infusion and the administration of medications.  The Transition into Nursing Course is offered in August, May and December.  As with all other students transferring into BHSN, LPNs are expected to meet the same academic requirements as any other student.  One hundred percent attendance at the Transition course is required.