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Licensed Practical Nurse Educational Mobility

LPN Applicants to SH/BHSN
Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) may advance place at the time of their acceptance to SH/BHSN. LPNs who have graduated from an approved LPN school and have passed the State Boards will automatically advance into NU 102 or NU 2102A, Family Health, bypassing NU 101, NU 1101A/B, Nursing Fundamentals.

LPNs may choose to take a challenge exam for NU 102/ NU 2102A/B, Family Health and/or for NU105/NU2105 Care of the Older Adult. The challenge exam includes both theory and medication/math components. Challenge exam fees of $300 are payable to SH/BHSN prior to sitting for the exam.

  1. Process for LPN Advanced Placement at SH/BHSN
    The Registrar’s office will send a letter on August 1 to LPN’s welcoming them to BHSON. The letter will include basic information on Advanced LPN Placement.
  2. During first LPN Seminar class, LPN’s will be given written and verbal information regarding the LPN Challenge Exam. The information will include:
    a. Most current Nu 102/2102 A and B Course Syllabus
    b. Resource textbook information related to exam.
    c. Blueprint/Study Guide for exam.
    d. Dates for confirmation to take the exam and exam date
  3. Throughout the LPN Seminar Course, faculty will be available for support.
  4. Fisher College, ATI, and Peer Tutors will be available for support by appointment.
  5. LPN students intending to take the exam must confirm their intent and submit via email or in writing to the faculty of the LPN Seminar Course, with cc to Registrar’s Office by October 1st.   Payment will be due the day the student takes the challenge exam. See information from Registrar regarding cost of challenge exam.
  6. LPN Challenge Exam will be scheduled for Thanksgiving week. There will be 120 multiple choice/alternative NCLEX questions and 20 math questions including IV drop factor and IV pump calculations. Labels on the math must be correct to receive credit for math questions. A simple calculator and scrap paper will be provided. Student will be given no more than 3 hours to complete the exam. The student must answer 108 questions out of 140 to be successful.
  7. The exams will be corrected and results will be emailed to the student within one week.
  8. A designated time in December, prior to the start of the next semester, will be scheduled if the student wishes to review the exam.
  9. If the LPN passes the exam with 108 correct answers, he or she will have successfully challenged NU 102/2102 A and B. Their first nursing course would be Nu 105 or 2105 during the following summer session.
    Please note: a challenge exam for NU105/NU2105 is being developed, more information will follow.

LPN Seminar
The LPN to RN Transition Seminar is group discussion facilitated by nursing faculty. It gives the participants the opportunity to share and discuss topics that are important for LPN to RN role transition and success at Signature Healthcare/ Brockton Hospital School of Nursing. During the seminar, the participants will be reviewing nursing skills and assessment abilities, calculations, learning styles and test taking strategies. Participants will be exploring various learning resources within the school and online. This seminar is not graded but attendance is expected to support the participant’s success. There is no cost to attend.